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If you’re trying to become an authentic leader who prioritises joy and inclusion, then I can help. 

Whether you’re unsure what you want to do next, are struggling with anxiety at work, are scared of taking the plunge or want to be the best manager who leads by example, you can count on me. I’m the kind of coach who can help you become your own agent of change and help you figure out how to turn your unique skills into sparking a passion that inspires others. With at least a decade of experience in creative problem solving and storytelling roles in the social impact sector, I can help you bridge your wildest dreams with your own potential for change.

More about Gail

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I can help you with

  • discovering what your passions are and how to turn that into a source of income

  • becoming a compassionate leader who inspires

  • building confidence as a public speaker or facilitator

  • conquering financial independence

  • shaping your potential to get the job you love

  • unleashing the creative problem solver in you

  • thriving in a new role

  • fostering better listening and inclusive skills

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Ready to move on in your career? 

Book a session now! 

Available on Fridays and Sundays. Price: EUR 50 / 1h.

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