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The sky is the limit. All you need is just a small push.

Feeling stuck, in need to break out or pivot your career to something more meaningful, but don't know where to start? You're talking to an expert. I can help you figure out what you want to do, what are your biggest assets and how to sell yourself on the job market to land a job that will be in line with your values and passions. A bit of inspiration, loads of energy, clear strategy and an occasional kick in the ass - that's what you will get if you book a session with me.

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I can help you with 

  • Getting a clarity on your strenghts and life mission and finding out what you could do professionally

  • Preparation for a successful job hunt - what's right for you and how to get there

  • Self-worth and self-value, to set your mindset right

  • Putting up a clear strategy, goals and steps to achieve them

  • Pitching yourself (in person, in cover letters and CVs)

  • Learn how to negotiate (possibility to coach 2 women at the same time)

  • Mock-up job interviews

  • Presence on LinkedIn and networking

  • Conquering financial independence

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Ready to move on in your career? 

Contact Magda now and book an intro call with her! 


Sessions available on Sundays and upon  appointments during weekdays.

Price: EUR 50 / 1h.

Connect with Magda on LinkedIn! 

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