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Believe in the power of women pulling each other up? 

Reach out, become an ally! 


Together we're stronger

Work Ally is a community for professional women on the mission to stop competing and start strategizing. We connect women who want to advance their careers, find the meaning of professional success and support each other on the way. We're giving them a safe space to exchange work experiences and tools to build the careers they deserve. 

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Find your tribe

At Work Ally, you will find a community of like-minded women who are not afraid of being honest and vulnerable with each other. Women, who are ready to come out of the comfort zone to reach self fulfilment and meaning in their life and careers.


Because women face intersecting forms of discrimination at work. Pay gap, glass ceiling, sexism, racism, harassment...

Because we all have the power to pull other women up and learn from each other.

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Because our unique talents and potential can lead us to more fulfilling careers.

Because to be treated equitably, women need to unite and challenge the patriarchy. 



"From the 1st session, I immediately felt at ease and less alone, both in my personal and professional life. Meeting and talking in a safe space, with like-minded women, made me realize that we all have common struggles but also gave me tips to overcome them. I also learned so many things on how to brand myself and successfully build a network."


Farah Azil

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